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Sasha Files

CUA Class of 2003

VIDES (Volunteers for International Development through Education and Service) West USA

Kasama, Zambia, January 2004-December 2004


"A simple one page Newsweek article about the disease in Africa was the impetus for the next four years down a rich path of intense encounters with those affected by AIDS in America, finally leading me to those in Zambia…"

Stephen Tanghe

CUA Class of 2001

U.S.A. Peace Corps

Berat, Albania

Community Development


"The relationships with [my host families], as well as with other people in Albania, was the most rewarding part of my service, and thus what I am most proud of as a Peace Corps volunteer."

Sally Oram

CUA Class of 2003

Passionist Volunteers International

Jamaica, West Indies


"I loved my students and co-workers, fellow church members and friends [in Jamaica] - but there were preventable factors that forced the children to live in squalor, illiteracy, and hunger. I decided to return home and pursue my Masters in Social Work with the purpose of returning to the developing world again when I was better equipped to change systems or policies."

Susie Roling

CUA Class of 2003

BA Social Work

Jail Programs Coordinator, Chicago Legal Aid to Incarcerated Mothers

Chicago, IL


"It is a great opportunity to live in a new city and to meet and live with people who have similar ideals and goals as you. You really get a sense of the city's culture and values for better or worse, and you are able to grow in your faith in this new atmosphere."

Joe Wholey

CUA Class of

IVC Ministry

Fairfax County, Virginia

Joe believes that IVC is the "right place for me to be at this time in my life. I wanted an opportunity for volunteering and for spiritual development and IVC provides both."

Kate Evans

CUA Class of

Ferrando Speech & Hearing Center Shillong, India

2 year service position

Lisa Montrose

CUA Class of 2004

Habitat for Humanity International Americus, GA (U.S.)

"For August 2004 until June 2005, I was an Extended Volunteer with the Campus Chapters and Youth Programs (CCYP) department of Habitat for Humanity International. I served as the Campus Chapters Coordinator, as well as the Communications Coordinator for the department. My duties included recruiting, interviewing and chartering new campus chapters, developing new programs and editing the departmental newsletter."

Carolyn Burstein

CUA Class of

Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless (AACH) in Northern Virginia

"It is wonderful to rejoice with the women when they have found a job above the minimum wage or when they have found an affordable apartment. So many of them have incredible determination even in the face of tremendous odds…."

Eugene Dwyer

CUA Class of


St. Martin de Porres Senior Center in Alexandria, VA

"Eugene especially enjoys helping seniors learn to use computers. One day, he relates, he assisted an Ethiopian man learn how to use the Google search engine to bring up information on his native country. The man pulled up an Ethiopian newspaper written in a script Eugene had never seen before. The man sat there reading and was so absorbed, so filled with joy. Eugene says, "I will never forget that moment!"

Emily Stewart

CUA Class of 2003

Redeemer Ministry Corps

Drueding Center/Project Rainbow


"This volunteer year has also helped me to be truly grateful for all that I have; heat, food, a support system, and even the ability to walk are all things that are easy to take for granted. I stand in awe of the strength of the women I have met at Project Rainbow."