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Joanna in Honduras

A Year with Amigos

  • Parish Presentation!
    Hi there!!Okay so this really is the last one. I am giving a presentation at my parish this Monday night about my time in Honduras! I spoke at St. Stephen's parish in Pennsauken, NJ before going to Honduras and the generosity of the parishi...
  • A Message from Home
    One of my last nights at our despedida, goodbye party.I promised this last post a long time ago. There have been a lot of times when I've almost written it or written it all out in my head, then haven't actually done it. I can't say exactly...
  • Mom's Published!
    Hi all!My mom wrote a beautiful reflection on her time here at Amigos in May. Click the link to see it on the Amigos blog!'s pretty great, huh?
  • The Surreal Countdown and Lots of Good Times
    Let me tell you about my day.I let myself sleep in this morning, skipping Saturday's pancake breakfast. Funny, when I got here it was my favorite breakfast of the week! Real almost-gringo pancakes, and even though there wasn't syrup, my sug...