The Catholic University of America

Long Term Service Workshops

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."


Reflect Forward: Monday, Feb. 16th @ 8pm in Mills South 202

Is Long Term Service right for you? Meet former Long Term Service participants and discuss the possibilities, the pros, the cons. Free food!


Program Panel: Monday, Feb. 23rd @ 8pm in Mills South Lounge

Q & A with program representatives. Find out more about the application process, the programs, who they are looking for, and how to stand out. Reps from Francis Corps., Teach for America, and others TBA.


For more information e-mail us at


CUA Serves 

Each year, CUA graduates go on to give their time, life, and most importantly their love to those who are in need. Students commit 1-2 years of volunteer service in various cities across the country and in the world. Please read some stories from our alumni who have shared their experiences.

The Campus Ministry Office hosts the annual Long Term Service Fair in addition to various workshops throughout the year. The Fair has had over 50 service (domestic and international) organizations represented! Students who are interested in learning more about long-term service are encouraged to attend these events or are welcome to visit the Campus Ministry Office to explore their options.

Obviously, we encourage all interested seniors to attend. But we also encourage juniors, sophmores, and freshman to participate if they think they might be interested in pursuing service after college. Some organizations also offer week or month long oppurtunities for undergraduates who want to volunteer during their breaks or summers.

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