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Each year, CUA graduates go on to give their time, life, and most importantly their love to those who are in need. Students commit 1-2 years of volunteer service in various cities across the country and in the world. Please read some stories from our alumni who have shared their experiences.

The Campus Ministry Office hosts the annual Long Term Service Fair in addition to various workshops throughout the year. The Fair has had over 50 service (domestic and international) organizations represented! Students who are interested in learning more about long-term service are encouraged to attend these events or are welcome to visit the Campus Ministry Office to explore their options.

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Faith Based Service

Catholic Volunteer Network

The Catholic Volunteer Network is a search engine that will help you find Catholic Volunteer organizaitons that meet your needs.




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Interested in hosting a Long Term Service Workshop for your group?  Email:

Joanna in Honduras

A Year with Amigos

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    The heat has been oppressive the last few days. It's like a blanket, as my fellow volunteer Emma described it. A big heavy blanket that clings to your skin, weighs down on you head, makes it hard to breath. You start sweating as early as 7 ...