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Interested in long term service? Not sure where you want to serve, what you want to do, or what organzations are out there? Attend our Long Term Service Fair on Thursday, Nov. 6th from 4-7pm in the Pryz Great Rooms!


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my year with amigos

  • First Day of School!
    My first (last) day of school as a teacher at the Amigos de Jesus Bilingual School.  
  • out with the old and in with the new
    Amigos de Jesus volunteer community 2015-2016Amigos de Jesus volunteer community 2016-2017As of August 2nd here at Amigos its a new year.  A new year because there is a volunteer community!  ...
  • Swim!
    Summer has begun!  Summers at Amigos de Jesus are quite fun.  To help out with the care takers of the kids, a group of new volunteers from the US come and put on a summer camp for the kids c...