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Long Term Service Organization Questions

With the abundance of service opportunities available, how do you choose which program is right for you?  Below you will find two categories: Questions to ask Yourselfand Questions to ask of a Volunteer Organization.  A little research and reflection will have a huge impact on finding the right volunteer site and will make for a life-changing experience.

Questions to ask of a Volunteer Organization


  • What is the philosophy of the program? 
  • Does it list goals for the volunteer or of the organization?
  • In terms of a spiritual component, what can volunteers expect?


  • Age requirements?
  • Languages needed? 
  • Particular skills needed (teaching certification?)


  • What are the service options?
  • Do I have a choice of work options? 
  • Who makes the final selection - the organization or the placement site?
  • Is there a job description?


  • What are the financial costs to me?
  • Will I receive a stipend?
  • Who pays for housing and meals? 
  • Who pays transportation costs to the site, to training, back home?


  • Where will I live?
  • In a community of other volunteers?
  • A mixed community of volunteers and religious?
  • With a family?
  • On my own?


  • What kind of training will I receive?
  • Skills training?
  • Language training?
  • Is there an orientation program?
  • Is there any mid-service training or an end-of-service re-entry program?


  • Can my student loans be suspended until completion of my term of service? 
  • Will the program assist with the paperwork?


  • If I need to raise money, will the organization assist me? 
  • Are donations tax-deductible for my donors?


  • What are the dates of the training program?
  • When does the volunteer program end?
  • Can I extend my term of service if I desire?
  • What happens if I terminate my volunteer service early?


  • Is the area I work in safe?
  • (International: Is the political situation stable?)
  • What precautions are taken?
  • What resources are available to me on-site?


  • What type of health insurance policy will I receive? 
  • Who pays for the policy?
  • (International: Do I need to get a physical, a mental health check-up, immunization shots, etc.?)


  • What kind of support will I receive?
  • Is there a support person for each site?
  • Are there people to whom I can turn if I need to talk about an experience?
  • Will the volunteer program staff make site visits?


  • Can you give me the names of people who have participated in your program with whom I can talk or meet?


  • Do I get vacation?
  • Can I travel back home for a family emergency, or for holidays?
  • Who pays for an emergency trip?
  • (International: can I travel back to the US? Will I need a visa to be there?) 
  • Any religious requirements or expectations as per spirituality (i.e. prayer, retreats, etc.)?

Provided by the St. Vincent Pallotti Center